FFM100 Example - Comprehensive System (Two Engines)

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The comprehensive diesel fuel monitoring system for two diesel engines and two fuel tanks uses fuel rate information from the fuel flow monitor (FFM100) combined with the vessels speed from the GPS antenna/receiver (GPS200) to provide fuel economy information (e.g., miles/gallon or kilometers/liter). In addition, tank monitors provide remaining fuel information so the display can compute distance and time to empty. Lastly, the Vessel Data Recorder (VDR100) keeps track of exactly how fast the fuel was used, how much fuel was used, and exactly where the fuel was consumed, which is shown on your track on a map using Maretron’s free N2KExtractor software.

The following table shows the products included within this example system plus a list of the information or data available for display.

Product Description Available Data List
DSM250 Display Displays data in this list, monitors the data and sounds an internal buzzer if there is a problem
FFM100 Fluid Flow Monitor Monitors fuel flow rate, supply fuel temperature, return fuel temperature, trip fuel used.
GPS200 Cabin top GPS Position, speed over ground, course over ground, time, date, magnetic variation and more
FPM100 Tank Monitor Monitors fuel level, fuel capacity, fuel remaining, for 2 tanks.
VDR100 Data Recorder Performance analysis, vessel tracking, preventative maintenance, warranty incident, and accident investigation
Diesel Engine

Gas Engines

The following screenshots (click to enlarge) are examples of how monitored data can be displayed on the DSM250.

COG Course Up Rose

Distance and Time to Empty

Dual Fuel Rate

Dual Supply Return Fuel Temperature

Dual Trip Fuel Used

Fuel Economy and Temperature

Fuel Economy Digital

Fuel Economy Gauge

Fuel Economy Graph

Fuel Gauge

Fuel Gauges

Fuel Remaining and Total

Fuel Total Gauge

GPS Status

Lat and Lon

Local Time and Date

Moon Phase


SOG Gauge

Sunrise and Sunset

Total Trip Fuel Used

UTC Time and Date