MPower - CLMD16 16-Channel DC Load Controller Module - NEW


MSRP $ 1,557

The price includes one of each Output Mating Connector with leads.

* CLMD16 requires configuration using Maretron USB100 or IPG100 plus PC running N2KAnalyzer V3.

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For larger breakers and more circuits, the MPower® CLMD16 is a 16-Channel DC Load Controller Module. Four of the 16 breakers handle a maximum of 25 amps and twelve breakers handle a maximum of 12 amps with a total current capacity of 125 Amps. Additionally, circuits can be paralleled.

The CLMD16 also supports two H-Bridge reversing polarity circuits that can be used for loads such as engine hatches, passerelles, trim tabs, etc. The CLMD16 has 8 inputs for hard-wired switches that can be used to switch breaker states, or as inputs for other data such as bilge alarms or hatch positions, etc. There are 3 inputs capable of monitoring tank levels.

The CLMD16 handles many DC load types such as lights, pumps, motors, and electronics. An added benefit of the CLMD16 is that it reports the current through each of the 16 breakers. This allows you to determine if loads are drawing too much or too little electrical current. This information can be used to report overcurrent faults and under-current conditions such as burnt-out bulbs.

The CLMD16 is sold off-the-shelf in the following configurations.

Part NoDescription
CLMD16CLMD16 Load Module
CLMD16-RCLMD16 Load Module with a 1m mating connector for both the J1 and J2 connectors and a 1m I/O harness kit for the J3 connector.
  • NMEA 2000® Interface
  • IP67 Rated
  • Ignition Protected
  • Opto-isolated from NMEA 2000®, eliminating potential ground loops
  • Sixteen (16) dimmable Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs) for On/Off Control over NMEA 2000® network
    • 4 breakers capable of carrying up to 25 Amps
    • 12 breakers capable of carrying up to 12 Amps
  • Individual breaker electrical current monitoring
  • Breakers can have Power-Up states defined (ON, OFF or previous states)
  • Breakers can be Locked against inadvertent actuation.
  • Capacitive touch switches for local control of all loads
  • All inputs and outputs protected against short to Power and short to Ground
  • Automatic ECB overcurrent shutdown
  • Automatic ECB thermal shutdown (Overtemperature Protection)
  • Eight (8) discrete digital input channels capable of sensing +ve or ground signals
  • Two (2) resistive analog input channels
  • One (1) 4-20mA current loop input channel
  • Remote control of navigation lights
  • Remote control of boarding lights
  • Burnt out bulb alerts
  • Control of area lights with dimming

The following accessories are available for the CLMD16:

Part No CLMD16-R includes one of each of these Output Mating Connectors.

Output (J1) Mating Connector with 1m Flying Leads

MSRP $ 30

Part Number: A3709

Output (J2) Mating Connector with 1m Flying Leads

MSRP $ 50

Part Number: A3708

J3 (I/O Gen Purpose) Harness Kit with 1m Flying Leads

MSRP $ 84

Part Number: A3710

J1 (Output) Mating Connector, Deutsch

MSRP $ ?

Part Number: DTP06-4S

J1 (Output) 12-14AWG Socket, Deutsch

MSRP $ ?

Part Number: 0462-203-12141

J1 (Output) Wedge, Deutsch

MSRP $ ?

Part Number: WP-4S

J2 (Output) Mating Connector, Deutsch

MSRP $ 9.24

Part Number: DT06-12SA

J2 (Output) 14AWG Socket, Deutsch

MSRP $ 1.50

Part Number: 0462-209-16141

J2 (Output) Wedge, Deutsch

MSRP $ 0.60

Part Number: W12S

J2 (Output) Back Shell, 12 Way Plug, Deutsch

MSRP $ ?

Part Number: 1028-043-1205

J3 (I/O General Purpose) Mating Connector, Deutsch

MSRP $ ?

Part Number: DRC26-24SA

J3 (I/O General Purpose) 16-20AWG Socket, Deutsch

MSRP $ ?

Part Number: 0462-201-20141

Connector Seal Plug, 20 HD SER, Deutsch

MSRP $ ?

Part Number: 0413-204-2005