EMS100 analog engine monitoring system
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Maretron's EMS100 connects into engine wiring harnesses and converts analog signals such as water temperature and oil pressure to the new marine digital interface (NMEA 2000®). Critical engine data is then distributed throughout the vessel over a single cable where it can be monitored by any NMEA 2000® compatible display. All the information you need is available anywhere and everywhere you need it.

For Yanmar engines an additional harness (purchased separately) simplifies the wiring by plugging directly into the Yanmar harness. (See the EMS100 Datasheet under the downloads tab for ordering information.)

The EMS100 is compatible with existing instrument panels and key switches so you don't need to remove them while upgrading to newer digital technology. For new installations, the EMS100 and a compatible NMEA 2000® display can replace the traditional analog instrument panel.

  • Tachometer
  • Engine Hours
  • Coolant Water Temperature
  • Engine Oil Pressure
  • Boost Pressure
  • Exhaust Gas Pressure
  • Charging Voltage
  • Drive Trim
  • Fuel Filter Alarm
  • Boost Alarm
  • Coolant Water Level Alarm
  • Engine Oil Pressure Alarm
  • Exhaust (Salt Water Flow) Alarm
  • Coolant Water Temperature Alarm
The EMS100 supports these engines (check back soon for additional engines)
  • Yanmar GM Series
  • Yanmar YM Series
  • Yanmar JH Series
  • Yanmar LH Series
  • Yanmar LP Series
  • Yanmar LY Series

The following accessories are available for the EMS100:

Yanmar Harness


Part Number: EMSYRM01