MBB100 black box vessel monitoring and control computer

Discontinued – Please consider MBB300C

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Maretron's Black Box Computer (MBB100) is a dedicated processing unit that comes preloaded with Maretron's N2KView® vessel monitoring and control software. Unlike a PC that allows any software to be loaded, the MBB100 runs only N2KView® software making it extremely stable and dedicated to monitoring and controlling your vessel.

The MBB100 connects to a monitor through a VGA connector and associated touch screen through a USB or serial port connection. Alternatives to controlling the N2KView® software through a touch screen include keyboards, mice, or track balls connected through USB ports. The MBB100 has an Ethernet port for communicating with an NMEA 2000® network through Maretron's Internet Protocol Gateway (IPG100). The Ethernet port is also used for connecting Internet Protocol (IP) cameras for viewing within the N2KView® software.

Although the MBB100 comes pre-installed with the N2KView® software, a separately purchased license key plugged into the IPG100 is required. (see IPG100 for more details).

  • Air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Anchor watch
  • AC power
  • Battery
  • Depth
  • Engine
  • Environment
  • Fuel management
  • GPS
  • Heading
  • Ice makers
  • Navigation
  • Rudder
  • Speed
  • Tanks
  • Time
  • Transmission
  • Video
  • Watermakers
  • Weather
  • Wind
Application Diagram

Download the following to update the firmware on the MBB100:

  • MBB100 Update to version 5.1.12